Wednesday, 21 March 2018

Wonderful Wednesday #211

{Wishing Spring lasted forever...}
Good day to you all!  Welcome aboard!  This weeks has been full of wonderful-ness! How about yours?!  I'm putting it mostly all down to a jolly good dose of sunshine at the start of the week.  When it's been so cold and so snowy or grey you forget quite how magical a little bit of it is for just cheering up your everything some how!  I'm wishing i hadn't hibernated so much in early Autumn and had planted something in the clay pots on our patio - they're looking a bit brown and crispy! But i am pleased to see new green shoots on our baby hydrangea bush!  I can't wait to start planning some garden bits once the temperature warms up a little.  I'm determined to grow some sweet-peas this year - for me their scent is just Summer all over.  And i also want to try to grow something edible.  We don;t have much space so i'm thinking maaaaaybe just edible flowers?!  You know me...anything vaguely pretty and floral!  I'm getting carried away with myself....i think a little does of vitamin D has gone right to my head!  

Shall we get listing before i digress any further?!?

1.  Spring air.  I write this after sharing only on my Instagram stories last Saturday that it was -9 degrees {yes really, my mittened hands were actually numb and i could have cried i was so cold walking home!} on my wander home AND that the snow had once more graced us with its icy presence up in sunny Cumbria.  I write this on Tuesday, my day off AND the official start of the Spring Equinox and SO the very first day of real life Spring.  It is 5 degrees outside.  It is brilliant and balmy and feels like a bloomin' heatwave and i cannot even begin to tell you how beaming-from-cheek-to-cheek kind of a happy that makes me!  The first thing i noticed on leaving the house at 11am this morning with those two wheels by my side was the smell.  The air smells....greener, calmer, fresher and full of promise?!  Do i sound excited?!?  I'm giddy as a kipper at the thought of longer, lighter more sunny days!

2.  Beetroot and mint hummus.  On everything.  Well okay not everything but as much as i can put it on and if we're being honest?  Sometimes just on a tablespoon straight from the tub sprinkled with some black sesame seeds.  Weird but good weird.  Have you ever tried black sesame seeds?!  I picked them up a little while ago in the supermarket because i was making sesame crusted salmon and i'd only ever bought the white ones before.  I was predictably attracted by the thought of covering the salmon in a mix of the two and how pretty it would look on my plate.  Yes really.  But they are game-changers!  Nuttier somehow.  and more savoury also too.  Now i put them on as many things as i can remember to.  I especially love them with granola and coconut yoghurt for a snack AND did you know they're great for your hormones?  I feel as i'm digressing here.... 

3.  A really lovely morning.  A great big stretch from the tips of your toes right up to as high as you can reach.  Hands round a great big mug of steaming hot tea.  The kind where the sky is crystal clear and the sun rise is the kind where you really have to cover your sleepy eyes it's so bright.  And even though it's minus who-knows-what because it's still a bit too dark to see the grass but you know you can make out tiny droplets off condensation on the bedroom window; it's the kind of morning which sort of makes you glad to be alive.  

4.  A yellow plant pot.  Because is there really a happier colour than yellow?!  I picked up the sweetest bright yellow ceramic plant pot which sits on the sweetest three wooden legs to go in our livingroom.  It's PERFECT as our livingroom is decorated in plain white and grey with pops of all kinds of colours.  We've got yellow striped curtains on our french doors and one yellow dining chair and one pale blue one SO a little extra pop of yellow is so lovely!  I've said for ages that i wanted a plant in there but i've also said not until i find the kind of pot to put it in that i love.  And so it was love at first pot sight.  Now i just need to find a fairly big plant, that doesn't require too much green-fingered TLC.  Thoughts?!

5.  Solo suppers.  Which actually translates to living off baked sweet potatoes for the past three nights AND piling in and creating colourful and delicious fillings each evening too.  The Mr has been under the weather lately and not really eating a lot bar toast SO if i'm left to my own devices i usually gravitate to baked sweet potatoes as i love them SO much.  Last night i made a honey glaze {equal amounts of runny honey and hot water} and brushed it all over the whole potato.  Then on a square of tin foil i put a shake of polenta, rosemary, seasalt, thyme and black pepper and i simply rolled it back and forward a few times.  I wrapped the foil around it, making sure to leave it mostly open and baked it for an hour.  I then stuffed it with a mix of leftover bulgar wheat, pickled beetroot, beetroot and mint hummus, torn up mint leaves and crumbled feta.  It was AMAZING.  Sweet potatoes might be one of THE most underrated vegetables ever.

6.  The smell of line-dried washing.  I mean it was the first of Spring yesterday it was only going to be a matter of time before i started harping on about this to you every single week!  After Tuesday's hit of bright blue skies and positively balmy temperatures {i mean, just give me above freezing and i'm happy} of course one of my first thoughts as i scampered through the door after my morning few laps of the park on those two wheels of mine was that i had to get my washing out on the line!  I washed our duvet covers and sheets and also our bedroom curtains and i'm BEYOND excited to hang them up later and let the heat of the radiator air them out whilst the sweet and lovely scent of sunshine fills our bedroom.  HEAVEN!

7. The shadow of trees blowing in the late afternoon breeze and the sunlight holding tightly onto their branches and creating sweet leafy shadows on our livingroom walls and wooden floors.  Watched lazily lay on the sofa with my feet up and a mug of Lady Grey tea.  

8.  Eucalyptus.  I've not really said much about it on here BUT over the past year or so i've been adding more and more essential oils into my day to day.  I have a couple of shop-bought Tisserand rollerballs which i use all the time.  One is to combat stress - so i keep that one in my bag and add a little bit to my temples, wrists and behind my ears if i'm having one of those kind of days.  The other is a sleep blend which i put on my wrists as i get into bed.  I find it really helpful to just focus on breathing in and out properly and inhaling the sweet scent of lavendar, bergamot and cypress to lull me off to sleep.  But lately i've added a little eucalyptus into my evening shower routine and it's such a magical way to clear your head and wash away the worries of the day.  It also really helps if you feel like you've got a bit of tension headache.  I first used it when i felt like i was getting a cold a little while back and then decided to add a few drops to a damp muslin cloth and leave it in the shower with me.  It means that the room fills with a steamy, menthol-y scent and it's BEAUTIFUL!  Have you ever used any essential oils?!

*  *  *
Aaaand we are DONE!  Can you tell that just a little bit of sunshine has made a huge and whopping  impact on me this week?!?  If only you could book the stuff!  But maybe just maybe if you could then you wouldn't appreciate it nearly as much, what do you think?!  I'm crossing every single thing crossable that it'll continue for a little bit as i think we could all do with a dose of vitamin D.

Don't forget to hop, skip and jump right on over to Jo, Helen, Michelle, Sarah, Kate, Cat, Sam, El , Kerri's, and Peta's OH and Ellie's  blogs and catch up on their weeks and what's been so great and good and wonderfully Wednesday-shaped for them too.  We need all the wonderful we can get lately!  Well, at least it feels like we've got a little bit of catching up to do!

Sending so much love and thanks for dropping by! 

Wednesday, 14 March 2018

Wonderful Wednesday #210

 {Light glorious light.  And COLOUR!  *blinks and covers eyes*}
I'm BACK!  But seriously where have the last seven days gone?! When did someone make January three months long and the rest of the months of the year only half a month each?!  I'm trying to strike a fine balance between looking forward and not wishing my life away.  But it's hard.  I need to appreciate the present moment more:  and what better way than to count the best things in it?!  

Shall we get going before it's already tomorrow before today has barely begun?!?   No wait that really does hurt my little head a bit..... 

1.  Family time.  I'm not lucky enough to live close to all of my family.  I am lucky that my sister only lives two streets away but the rest of my family are scattered all over the place and even though it's not that far between us all and maybe only a couple of hours at least, when we are all together it really makes me feel grateful that i've got them and grateful that they keep me afloat when i need them to and that we all support each other in our own different ways.  I'm especially grateful for that brother and sister of mine.  They're both younger than me and there's roughly three and a bit years between each of us now.  At times when we were younger that wasn't always great.  Three is an odd number and it almost always felt like someone was left out or that one of us wasn't old enough or young enough as another one of us.  But now we're all grown up we all just fit.  All the things that made us so different when we were younger have some how mellowed into something a little bit magical and when i spend time with either of them i can see so much of me and of each other in all three of us. We're like the three musketeers and those two get me quite like nobody else ever will.  It's a special bond that brother and sister one and one that you don't appreciate nearly enough when you're all growing up; finding your own feet and trying to be so different all at once.

2.  Toast.  Because it's technically breakfast-y and you all know that i'm all for celebrating any given opportunity to eat anything loosely breakfast-based all i can.  I hit on it this week, why that is:  Why i love breakfast things:  Because they're so flexible and you can do do SO much with them to suit whatever mood takes you!  Just like porridge, toast is just a great vessel for almost anything sweet or savoury and whilst i've still been very much enjoying porridge all day every day for breakfast; lately toast has been taking a little bit of an almost-front seat too!  Aside from the no-brainer of peanut butter piled high with banana {#standard}, i've also been eating it anytime and spreading it thickly with beetroot hummus and dotting it with cottage cheese, chopped mint and a great big scatter of nigella seeds.  Sometimes all i need is a generous spread of thick cottage cheese and some forgotten-about chestnut chutney. Other times it's simple sticky roasted baby tomatoes mashed up afterwards with a little olive oil and red wine vinegar and plenty of black pepper and sea salt and some torn up rocket.  I joke that i'd really love my own little cafe that just sells breakfast all day.  Maybe i could revolutionise the term 'All day breakfast.'  What do you reckon?!? Hello dream job.....

3.  Big sleeves.  I'm fortunate that for my job i get a little bit of discount and so must also wear current season items.  This week it was time to pick a couple of new bits and i cant wait to show you!  I've picked up two blouses with the most ginormous, over-sized bell sleeves with the prettiest embroidery!  I've been swishing and swooshing them whenever i wear them.  They're a bit ridiculous but they make me SO happy!
4.  First washing on the line of the year! Tick!  Yes it didn't really dry one hundred percent and yes i probably should have waited a couple more weeks but the smell alone was worth all of the damp clothes being hung from every imaginable place for the next couple of hours!  Roll on Spring!  

5.  Garden plans.  Don't get too excited. I'm not so great at keeping things alive!  Although i've successfully managed  not to kill my two tiny cactus plants but only really through neglect and forgetting about them!  That aside optimistic planning of any kind is good!  I got a lovely book for Christmas all about gardening and what to plant when and how to care for them etc, etc SO i've been enjoying imagining up what to fill our tubs with this year and crossing all of my fingers and toes that my baby hydrangea bush comes back....alive!  Because aside from weather if there's one jolly great thing about this time of year it's most certainly all of the green and colour that's starting to appear.  

6.  Scrap-books.  This week i've been spending some time flip-flippin' through some of my old scrap books:  images and scraps of fabric and the like that i've cut out of magazines ever since i can remember and put together Mood-boards of things that inspire me {you can sneak a peek up HERE} and i still find so much inspiration from them today!  It's refreshing to look through an actual book rather than scroll through Pinterest for a change!

7.  Pickled anything.  Okay well not anything!  If i'm honest i've never really been into anything pickled.  I mean it's nothing personal i just don't and never have liked the smell of vinegar.  I'm not sure why.  But over the past few months i've been dipping my spoon toes into some pickled things and i' really rather hooked!  So much so that i'm keen to try my own!  Any recipes or combinations that i should give a go?!  I think beetroot is definitely high up there so far.....

8.  A bargainous trench coat.  That actually was brand new and cost less than £10 on Ebay.  And is also the most practical and 'go with anything' coat that i think i've ever owned.  I've never thought that they were very 'Me' but it didn't take long to change my mind!  I've worn it over anything and everything:  Smart work dresses with opaque tights and boots; over the top of jeans and a tshirt on a weekend and even slung over a striped turtle neck, black kick flare jeans and boots and i'm in LOVE.  It somehow has a way of making me look all kinds of put together yet equally.....unkempt {?!} if i want a more low key look.  Where has it been all of my life?!?

9. Cheer.  Because sometimes you might not feel so cheery.  But surround yourself with the cheeriest bunch of lovely people and you can't help but laugh a little.  Then a bit more.  And then all of a sudden you're laughing along and getting swept up in the moment and suddenly whatever might have made you sad, or anxious or might have been niggling  at the back of your mind just seems less.....difficult somehow?  Sometimes when you don't feel your best self, you're thankful for those that sweep you away and along for a little bit and make you realise life is too short to feel sad for too long.  

*  *  *

And i'm already done!  Hurrah!  I take it back i'm not happy i'm done so much as only really happy i'm done because i'm so hungry!   This week's post was fuelled by 'i don't know what' but it's seen me through to the end of a list that was as long as it was lovely.  These posts are one of my favourite weekly traditions:  A bench mark for the half-way, a reminder of the good bits in a week that might have otherwise been completely forgotten.  More than that they're a reminder that there always are some.  Sometimes they land on the page before i've got chance to form a sentence; i have to chase the words and put them in order before i lose track and i forget!  Other times - contrary to popular belief - i go round in circles and wonder if there'll ever be enough.  But i always find some.  And i always get to the end and i always, always feel better because of it.  

Go ahead and hop right on over to Jo, Helen, Michelle, Sarah, Kate, Cat, Sam, El , Kerri's, and Peta's OH and Ellie's blogs and catch up with their lovely lists of #wonderfulwednesday -shaped greatness!  Better still share your own little moments of lovely below orrrrr by joining in with the chit-chat over social media using the hashtag so we can all see!

See you in seven?!  Is it a date?!

Wednesday, 7 March 2018

Wonderful Wedensday #209

{Just allowing myself this one snow photo...}
Well hello there!  How the devil are you and what great-ness have you been up to since we last spoke?!  I'm writing this weeks post back to front.  By this i mean that i was overwhelmed by all of the lovely things i wanted to share on this mid-week post and decided to type 'em all down so that i didn't forget them {i mean one day i'll be that organised person who makes notes as the week goes on but for now....} and i'm only just realising as i head back up here to write a little somethin' somethin' for my intro quite how  wordy this weeks post is!  

Sorry about that.  I've had a few days by myself this week and feel as if i've opened up a cannon ball of good and great as soon as my fingers hit the keyboard!  But a good catch up is good for the heart and the soul isn't it?!  

Let's dive straight in with this weeks #wordywonderfulwednesday.....

1.  Mornings.  I've had a funny week where it's been an 'at work a day off a day at work a day off two days' and so i've felt a little.....all over the place!  Praise be for making the most of slower mornings when you can snatch them - of sneaking down to the kitchen as the sun rises and making Lady grey tea and sipping it back under the duvet; for morning face masks and BBC 6 Music with a candle lit and for not feeling even a little bit guilty for still being in your pyjamas at 10:30am even if you have been awake since 7:30am.  I remember reading something ages ago that said that you could 'bank sleep.'  The idea being that if you slept more than usual {due to days off etc} for a few days and then lost sleep another few days due to whatever might be going on; that it all evens out and that actually your body will have appreciated the extra rest gained earlier on in the week?  Am i making ANY sense?!  I know that i'm rambling BUT i like to think that the same goes for rest and for slowing down and being kinder to yourself:  You've just got to take those moments when you can get them because your body and your soul will thank you for it when it needs it most.

2.  Shorter hair.  I did it, i actually got my hair cut a lot shorter than normal.  Even my hairdresser looked alarmed when i told her it was what i wanted.  Seems she knows me too well!  We all know that the sign of a good haircut {ie:  one that you can maintain and 'do' just as lovely at home} is in how well it washes and dries and behaves when it's just you, no fancy pants hair products {i mean does anyone really buy shine spray?!} and no one to professionally blow-dry it for almost fifteen minutes.  I washed it with trepidation {it also felt funny almost having not very much to wash!} and can confirm that HURRAH all is well and i flipping LOVE it!  Turns out that my hair needs very little doing to it now it's just it's own natural colour and i just leave it alone and only wash it once a week.  If only i'd never coloured it in the first place.  I mean who even am I?!?  Well you live and learn i guess....

3.  Sourdough crumpets spread with raspberry jam, a huge teaspoon of crunchy peanut butter and scattered with toasted coconut chips.  I feel like maybe i shared this on last weeks list did I?!  Who cares it's still going strong as one of my very favourite things to snack on lately.  This weeks few more days off has meant it's become a firm staple in my breakfast repertoire too and something you should definitely try!

4.  Citrus.  I think it's important to listen to what your body wants to eat.  I'm a firm believer that it will 'ask' you for what it needs when it needs it and what will make you feel the best at any given time.  Is that odd?!  I've always thought this way.  At the start of this week i was feeling under the weather and like i might be getting a cold and my body wanted nothing but citrus.  Weird isn't it?!  I stocked up on blood oranges, extra lemons and two massive pink grapefruits and snacked on them when i fancied them; also drinking lemon in warm water with honey instead of just my usual warm lemon water and a couple of days later and i feel a squillion times better.  Hurrah for cramming in extra vitamin C and for zesty goodness!

5.  Together-ness.  I think i've done quite well to get to almost-half way though this weeks #wonderfulwednesday without mentioning the snow!  Who knew that when i was tip-tapping about it last Tuesday that it would all get so dramatic?!  I won't go on too much but suffice to say that our city that never gets snow got snow in a pretty bad way and got completely cut off.  I don't ever remember as much snow in the whole of my life time! Isn't that crazy ?!  Aside from the slippy-slidey walks to work since The Mr driving was a no-no; i flippin' LOVED it:  Actual real life powdery whiter than white snow that engulfed the whole of the city {and most of the U.K too!} covering it in a thick blanket of 'Narnia.'  What was the loveliest though was how much everyone pulled together:  The news was filled with rescue stories and everywhere you looked people were helping each other with food, digging out drives or offering lifts and help which ever they could.  Life went on and we got by and it was a little bit lot heart-warming.

6.  It being a small world.  It's true.  Often this little universe and planet and even country we call home can feel vast and huge.  But sometimes life throws something { email for example...}at you that makes you realise that actually it's not. An email popped up in my inbox a few weeks ago, hidden in amongst the Anthropology 'New In's', and social media notifications {that i really need to turn off because #overwhelming} from a book publisher.  They had somehow stumbled across my little blog and were about to publish a beautiful book called 'Hetty's Farmhouse Bakery' that is set right in Cumbria and wanted to know if i'd like a copy!  I'm forever harping on about the fact that my attention span is pretty much zero when it comes to reading.  So far this year all i've managed are three cook books {yes i do read them word for word and cover to cover!} and my monthly subscription to Simple Things magazine.  I've just dipped into this sweet little book and it's BEAUTIFUL!  An easy pick-up-whenever kind of read that suits me perfectly as i don't have to think too hard!  Hop right on over HERE to pre-order a copy!  

7.   Home.  There is stiil so much i want to do with it and still so many things i'd like to change but this week - and maybe the amount of hours i've spent indoors due to weather i'm really very grateful to have a space that feels like home and one which as soon as i walk into of an evening; my heart feels full and i feel an instant sigh of relief.  I feel like i'll forever be faffing and fiddling with it but sharing somewhere with the person i love most in the whole wide world {sorry!} is something to feel grateful for and something that maybe i should be grateful of more often.

8.  Face masks and candles.  Now you and i both know i need no help to remember to light a candle at any given time.  I religiously light one {at least!} every evening as part of my wind-down routine and have started to get into the habit of lighting one in the morning when i have a day off BUT face-masks?  Not so much.  I just forget.  Yes i am someone who really loves taking their make up off of an evening and my nightly eucalyptus-y shower followed by lovely evening skincare BUT face-masks?  They just slip off my radar.  SO this week i started to incorporate them into my day-off morning routine and have LOVED feeling a little bit more relaxed in the AM.  Maybe this could be the way forward?  Maybe just maybe i might even try them on a work morning too.  My skin has felt...well just better somehow:  More even, toned and {dare i say it without cringing a little?} - well - glowy.  

9.  Beetroot.  I can't get enough of the stuff lately.  I made baked polenta sweet potatoes earlier this week and had mine piled high with a beetroot-y quinoa, a great big spoonful of beetroot and mint hummus and half a sliced avocado and honestly i almost had to put on my sunglasses it was so bright and beautiful.  Just the colour of beetroot makes me want to eat it!  It's so versatile and so underrated!  One of my very favourite summer-time juices is beetroot, ginger and apple - so good.  I remember my mum using it in our chocolate cakes when we were younger - it goes so well with dark chocolate!  I think honey roasted carrot and beetroot might have to be incorporated into this weeks suppers somehow....

10.  The return of birdsong.  I'm not sure if they did infact go anywhere but when the county was all buried in a wonderful white blanket of snow it felt like there wasn't a bird to be seen or heard anywhere.  It does that though, snow:  It sort of muffles and swallows everything up, doesn't it?!  The most wonderful thing this week has been watching the snowdrifts melt and seeing and hearing birdsong on a morning again.  I made sure to pick up plenty of bird seed and fat-balls for our garden and it's been ever so lovely to watch the birds start to come out of hiding again.  Because it's not Spring without bird song, is it?!

*  *  *
And i'm done once more!  Thank goodness i hear you all cry for i thought she'd never stop!  It's okay.  I'm back at work today {Wednesday} so you can rest assured i'll talk the socks of everyone i see and get it all out of my system!  Don't forget to share what's been making your week wonderful below {i love to read comments and i'm forever grateful to anyone who does comment on here as i know how bad i am for reading posts in between taking bites of something beetroot-y on my lunch at work} AND make sure you skip right on over to  Jo, Helen, Michelle, Sarah, Kate, Cat, Sam, El , Kerri's, and Peta's OH and Ellie's because they write their very own #wonderfulwednesday list of great and good and that's inspiration in itself.  Because who's ever heard about reading about too much happy-making stuff ?!?  I know i havent....
See you next week you lovely folk!

Wednesday, 28 February 2018

Wonderful Wednesday #208

 {When a much greener wander to and from work looks like this}
Well how do you and how the heck are you?! I'm wondering where where the bobbins my week has gone and with not too much to show for it other than eating, sleeping and working.  I feel as i've barely looked up from 'Lately' and can't wait for a few days off at the end of this week to just be.  I need to get better at looking after myself and stop putting myself last in any given situation.  Why do we do this?!?  Or maybe it's just me.  I spend forever worrying about everyone else so that it takes so much longer for me to realise that i need to just stop for a moment.  

So that's exactly why i'm grateful for my 'Now.'  The weekly ritual of 'downing tools' {whatever they maybe}; stopping and thinking and reflecting on this week so far and all of the little moments of good that would have most likely got lost in the rest of it!  I think i'm overdue a #wonderfulwednesday.....

Snow.  I wonder how many other lovely #wonderfulwednesday writers will be adding this one to their lists this week?!?  I mean YES am i more than ready and so very raring to go for Spring BUT snow is such  a novelty up here.  Even though we're on the very edge of the Lake District, our pretty city is forever in some sort of snow pocket.  Usually this means we miss out on any kind of snow.  Not this week though.  On Tuesday morning i awoke to the sweetest icing sugar-like dusting of the stuff and felt oh-so-cosy watching it fall all fluffy whilst i ate the biggest bowl of banana porridge drizzled with runny honey and sprinkled with toasted seeds.  There's something ever so lovely and hypnotising about watching snow fall, don't you think?!

2.  Mint tea.  I mean if you've never drank mint tea then you've never lived in my opinion.  There's a sentence that places me even higher up the 'rock and roll ladder' if ever there was one or if i wasn't rock and roll enough already!  If you're someone {like me!} who is a worrier or an over thinker or just someone who really struggles not to let things take over a bit too much sometimes and to let things get to them; this is the tea for you.  Mint tea is so calming and soothing on a worried 'self' or a tricky tummy {mine is almost always like a little washing machine!} and there isn't a day goes by when i don't drink at least one floral mug of the stuff. This week it's been keeping me company on too many 'worry-ful' days and reminding me that i can't always be Super Woman nor can i do everything myself AND most importantly, that's ok too.  

3.  Really good bananas.  Not to be scoffed at!  And let me tell you, really hard to come across these days.  I pick ours up either from a local fruit and veg market or from Sainsbury's and they are reliably delicious!  They ripen quick-but-not-too-quick; and go a lovely sweet and sticky caramel-y flavour just PERFECT for squishing into porridge as it blips away on the stove.

4.  Taking the scenic route!  I mean where i can i always will, even if it does  mean adding five or ten minutes onto wherever i'm going.  If i can walk a prettier route {#priorities} chances are i'll arrive at my destination in a generally better frame of mind.  Is that odd?!  This week has been the first week it's been light enough and bright enough for me to take my favourite non-short cut to work via a sweet little cut through the woods and along the river and i'm convinced the extra light plus extra 'green-seen' has been doing me the world of good each day!

5.  Polka dots.  I mean for me it's pretty much always some kind of print but lately had been ALL about dots and spots!  In particular i've really found myself drawn towards black and white spots and have dug out and old spotty frilly blouse i bought forever  ago and have been using any excuse to wear it!  My favourite is teamed with my slouchy grey denim dungarees and oversized rosey pink cable cardigan.  There's something infinitely happy-making about spots.  You can't wear spots and be sad you just can't!

6.  A few days off at the end of the week.  I'm tired this week!  The weary, yawn-y 'needs all of the tea' type tired!  I'm really looking forward to a few days off in a row for some much needed rest AND i'm also off up to Scotland to spend some time with my Mum.  Fresh air and Mum-time, i mean i almost don't want the weekend to come for fear of it disappearing too fast!

7.  The anticipation of a hair cut.  We've chit-chatted alot about haircuts on here and i'm not afraid to tell you {if you don't already know that is} that i really despise getting mine cut.  This time though i feel ready for a little bit more of a change; determined to not just sit down and say 'Can you just take the ends off and really- well - sort of make it look like it hasn't been cut at all' {which i'm sure my hairdresser must just LOVES me for} and more determined to get something a liiiittle different.  I want it a little shorter and with a bit more snazziness.  I would say watch this space BUT don't go expecting anything too groundbreaking - it is me afterall! {NB i do have Pinterest open whilst i write this which is the online equivalent of 'Meaning Business'.}

8.  Tea and sourdough crumpets spread thickly with raspberry jam and zig-zagged with peanut and coconut butter {it's sort of crumpet-y raspberry macaroon-y}.  I don't think this one needs any explanation.  It's my go-to supper before bed if i'm peckish always lately!

*  *  *

And with but a flurry of snow words i'm DONE!  I'm quite surprised i lasted the distance and didn't need a nap at some-point in between points - i feel like i could sleep forever of late!  But that's the true magical power of a #wonderfulwednesday -shaped happy list i guess!  Go forth and hop right on over to Jo, Helen, Michelle, Sarah, Kate, Cat, Sam, El , Kerri's, and Peta's OH and Ellie's #wonderfulwednesday posts and fill your hearts with all of the great and good from this week so far!
And maybe just maybe i'll see you at the same time next week.


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